About Lord of Rigel

Lord of Rigel is a turn based 4x (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate) space strategy game. Our goal is to create an accessible, yet deep, turn based strategy game that will provide a complete space-opera experience. Lord of Rigel will feature a diverse universe with young and elder races that will struggle to shape the future of the galaxy. Players can make a choice between warring elder races or forging their own alliance with a coalition of alien races including minor species. Given all the resources of a galactic empire, players can choose how to navigate through complex diplomacy and survive grand menaces invading the galaxy using an array of game mechanics such as a galactic council, espionage, research, and military force.

On release, players can expect Lord of Rigel to be available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Currently we have a galaxy generator demo that lets you explore a randomly generated galaxy. Additionally players can play our tactical combat prototype demo using an earlier turn based version of Lord of Rigel's combat system.


Choose from 10 playable races with unique characteristics, behaviors, and leaders. Play along side two elder races and choose the fate of minor species with unique resources and technologies to protect or exploit.

End Game

Shape the fate of the galaxy by harnessing rare strategic resources to build dyson spheres, doomsday weapons, or unlock evolutionary secrets.


Shape Galactic Council politics by negotiating trade treaties, alliances, and creating client states. Each species has unique leaders with personalities and cultural traditions that direct their choices.


Run a shadow empire and benefit from your spy network through sabotaging fleets, bombing infrastructure, stealing technology, creating the “right” political climate by inciting rebellions, or assassinating leaders.

Fleet Combat

Real time combat that rewards for using good tactics. Use smaller ships to flank and target weaker rear armor on capital ships. Target subsystems and disable: weapons, shields, engines, computers, and other systems. Use onboard marines to raid enemy ships or capture them.


Defend yourself from intergalactic invaders and devastating alien probes. Gain galactic prestige by defending the galaxy against those who would destroy it or enlist the aid of the galactic council to end these mutual threats.