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Tactical Demo: Status Update


As we start July our development of our tactical demo nears completion. In the next couple days we will have an internal team build ready for play-through and will work on fit and finish items. We encourage those out there interested in testing our early builds to contact us via our contact form on the team page. Early testing isn't for everyone and we ask that those applying ask themselves if they are willing to provide consistent and constructive feedback that the team can use to fix any remaining bugs and potentially improve overall playability.

For those who wish to wait until a public release is available players can expect to see improved galaxy objects including 4k planet textures and improved shaders. Some worlds will have lightening and storms that are visible from space. Additionally players will see the "Skirmish" button activated in the main menu. The skirmish button will take players into a galaxy that is setup to create ship tactical battles around any of the worlds that a player could fight around in Lord of Rigel. Players can design will have access to ships from fighters to cruisers and technology up to 3500 research points. Players can design their own ships as well as the enemy's. This demo release is designed to give players an idea of what tactical ship combat will be like in Lord of Rigel, but please remember that this is an alpha demo and there are many more features planned for the full release, such as more ships, species, technology, boarding mechanics, leaders, planetary defenses, etc. We look forward to hearing back from the community in the coming weeks!

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