Status Update for 12/13/15 – 1/2/2016:

Status Update for 12/13/15 - 1/2/2016:


Happy Holidays to all! Though we have been quiet over the past few weeks we haven't stopped working. In fact we have had a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and we are beginning to cement some well defined plans on the completion schedule for Lord of Rigel and some other exciting developments that we hope to discuss with you in the future. Needless to say a lot of work is getting done and we are getting ourselves into position so that 2016 is the year Lord of Rigel will be released!

Also enjoy the fleet wallpaper for the Rigelans!


  • Fleet Menu Implementation
  • Complete Stellar Converter Implementation
  • Initial Outpost UI Created
  • Reskinned UI Main Menu
  • Reskinned UI New Game Menu
  • Reskinned UI Species Menu
  • Reskinned UI Flag Menu
  • Reskinned UI Custom Species Menu.
  • Reskinned UI Options Menu
  • Reskinned UI GNN Menu
  • Reskinned UI Colony Menu
  • Reskinned UI Galaxy Menu
  • Destroyable Stars
  • Initial Tech Screen Implementation
  • Wormholes
  • Initial Minor Species Implementation
  • Movement Effects Implemented for Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Nebulae, and Navigator Trait

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:

  • Leaders load and save correctly.
  • Fixed Species Logo Graphics
  • Correct Font Icon Misalignment


  • No Audio Tracks Finalized

3D Models:

  • Arcturan Starbase
  • Arcturan Battlestation
  • Rigelan Fighter
  • Rigelan Frigate
  • Rigelan Destroyer
  • Rigelan Cruiser
  • Rigelan Battleship
  • Rigelan Starbase
  • Rigelan Battlestation

2D Artwork:

  • Leader Portrait: Alleris
  • Leader Portrait: Bateik
  • Leader Portrait: Blood Blossom
  • Leader Portrait: Cloudcatcher
  • Leader Portrait: Edo
  • Leader Portrait: Erak
  • Leader Portrait: G4F7
  • Leader Portrait: Grissom
  • Leader Portrait: Jhal
  • Leader Portrait: Kthork
  • Leader Portrait: Leilani
  • Leader Portrait: Letess
  • Leader Portrait: Masalk
  • Leader Portrait: Namtar
  • Leader Portrait: Quartzon
  • Leader Portrait: Rosseau
  • Leader Portrait: Saga
  • Leader Portrait: Tolv
  • Leader Portrait: Vokax
  • Leader Portrait: Xaxar

 Rigelan Fleet Wallpaper:

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    Status Update for 12/13/15 – 1/2/2016:   Happy Holidays to all! Though we have been quiet over the past few weeks we haven’t stopped working. In
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    Not gonna lie; those Rigelan ships looks cool as hell (and pretty badass to boot).


    Thanks Martok! They should be pretty terrifying in action.


    Just registered…i was one of the kickstarters. I really hope to see this game come out. Any news?



    First thank you for registering on the forums and reaching out to us. There is definitely news coming and lots of it. We are working on finishing up a bunch of code development on the game we are looking to have the game in a rough complete alpha state by the beginning of May.

    Game feature wise we are looking at moving towards real time combat are currently converting the tactical combat over to that in the code. The systems have been designed at this point so we are just going through and implementing the conversion. Also Lord of Rigel is getting a big makeover with a new UI that is more modern and functional. We have not only increased the cool factor on the UI, but we have also really analyzed our menus and made modifications both big and small to really improve usability of the menus.

    The big update that we are still holding off on I think will make our followers happy as we will it will secure the release and success of Lord of Rigel. Keep following us and we will try to be better about posting updates. We just have are heads down and are plowing through the game, but as always it is always good to hear from a fan.


    Thanks for the information….i guess there’s a publishing deal?


    I know nothing. 🙂

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