Status Update for 7/26 – 8/1/2015

Status Update for 7/26 - 8/1/2015:



  • Research System and Tech Tree Integrated into Game
  • Scene Pre-caching
  • Profiler System for Bug Tracking
  • General Tactical Combat Optimizations

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed UI Shows Ships in Wrong Direction
  • Fixed Companion Stars Spawning in System View
  • Fixed Null Reference Error with Certain AI Movements
  • Fixed Radial Sub System Targeting Menu Layering
  • Fixed White Companian Star Flare Effect
  • Fixed 1x1 Ship Freezing When Arriving at Destination
  • Fixed Beam Attach Percentage Now Displaying Correctly in Ship Designer and Scan Box
  • Fixed NaNNaN Bug
  • Fixed High Companion Star Spawning Causing Crash
  • Fixed Persistent Frontal Shield Icon
  • Fixed Auto Fire Pulse Weapons Freeze
  • Fixed Armor Displaying on the Wrong Side
  • Fixed Grid Spawning


  • Ambient Track 44
  • Katraxi Neutral Track
  • Tharrn Hostile Track

3D Models:

  • Yalkai Cruiser

2D Artwork:

  • Katraxi Diplomat
  • Katraxi Researcher
  • Selach Soldier

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