Status Update for Week of July 19th – July 25th, 2015

Status Update for 7/19 - 7/25/2015:



  • Implemented Unity Flares system for Stars
  • Adjusted Orbit Spawn to Allow for Empty Orbits
  • Fleet Movement in Galaxy Scene Implemented
  • Colonization in Galaxy Scene Implemented
  • Command Point System Implemented
  • Tax System Implemented
  • Freighter System Implemented
  • Missile Mods for: ECCM, MIRV, FST, and Shields Implemented

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Missile Icons Stretching
  • Fixed Star Lense Flare Not Scaling
  • Fixed Critical Bug that Caused AI Crash in Certain Move Instances
  • Fixed Ship Hologram Not Clearing in All Cases
  • Fixed Duplicate Star System Bug
  • Fixed Companion Stars Having Orbit Lines
  • Fixed Bug That Would Cause Autofire Continuous Weapons to Bounce
  • Fixed Companion Star Naming System
  • Fixed 3D Tactical Camera Still Movable After Ship Has Been Destroyed
  • Fixed Available Moves Grid Not Fully Clearly When Out of Moves
  • Fixed Missile Data Not Being Shown in UI
  • Fixed Star and Companion Star Occlusion
  • Fixed Small White Star Companion Star


  • No Tracks were Finalized

3D Models:

  • Dyson Sphere Interior Mesh
  • Xantus Battlestation

2D Artwork:

  • Selach Researcher

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