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James Rorabaugh - Design

A long time gamer, Accurus grew up playing classic games such as Wolfenstein 3D. He joined the Star Trek Legacy modding community and contributed to the well received "The Legendary Generations" mod.

Accurus has had a passion for games and the desire to start a gaming company for many years. As a kid, he spent summers working to save up money for video games. After recently replaying Master of Orion 2 he saw that this classic's achievements had not been matched in other 4x space strategies.The creation of Lord of Rigel and Rhombus Studios came soon after with the purpose to release games that were made by gamers for gamers.

His other hobbies include being an avid audiophile and enjoying Northwest activities such as swimming and hiking.


Adam Rorabaugh - Design/Animation

Ace's industry experience began with winning a mission design contest for Descent: FreeSpace which resulted in his work being released in FreeSpace's Silent Threat expansion. Afterwards he became involved in the pre-production of game projects for studios including Crytek while working as a professional archaeologist with several peer-reviewed scholarly publications in international journals.

Over the past five years Adam took a design role in the critically acclaimed freeware Battlestar Galactica game Diaspora: Shattered Armistice. After its successful release, he became interested in focusing on re-envisioning classic style games for new audiences.


Tvrtko Kapetanovic - 3D Artist

Newman has an MA degree in industrial design, having graduated in Design School at Zagreb University, Croatia, in 2004. He does both design and gaming development work.

His gaming industry experience began in a Croatian company called Markot.tel, working on developing graphical asset for a Croatian educational game called "Ucilica". Since then he's worked professionally with several local game development companies, such as Ocean Media and Cateia Games. He also contributed to Star Trek: Excalibur, an independent, volunteered based game under development, and spent several years as lead artist in the critically acclaimed freeware Battlestar Galactica game Diaspora: Shattered Armistice.

That work lead to being hired by Bigpoint GmbH when they were developing an official Battlestar Galactica MMORPG game called Battlestar Galactica: Online, for which he modeled, textured and designed graphical assets.


Kasper Kamstrup - 3D Artist

Kasper "ScotchDK" Kamstrup graduated in 2011 from TrueMax Academy in Copenhagen. He has been involved in animated short films (Will-Bot, Hvid) and indie games (Distorpia, Plantman). In those projects he modeled, UV mapped, textured, animated and Mo-Cap recording. Lord of Rigel is his first commercial product involvement.

Scotch grew up with a broad taste in games, strategy games both RTS and TBS have always been main interests.

The Atom

Steven Marciano - Composer

Steve Marciano has been involved in music since a young age, writing and performing in bands for over a decade. Most recently with Eaststrikewest in which, he played guitars and keyboards, releasing two albums in Europe and Japan. After the band split in 2012 he continued to work towards a career in programming through his day job but eventually found his way back into music again, turning his attention to writing and producing for video games and films which he now does full time.

You will find him most evenings glued to a screen with headphones on.


Ivars Vēza - Programmer

There was said that a silent Latvian keyboard warrior will come to save Rigel from bugs and missing features. Years passed and the universe limped barely pulling air into its lungs. Many came and went, but seemingly they weren’t the choosen ones. Till one day, just by coincidence, a visit on faraway planet revealed a strong code sense and all seemed to work better. There was this cheerful guy which adored details, automatization, universalization and order. In no time the universe felt as though it was the best place to be. A hero to remember forever. Labi padarīts, labi padarīts.


Daniel Albano - Programmer

SupSuper has been a PC gamer since the early DOS days, having a penchant for strategy games like Civilization and Master of Orion. In addition he's a programmer with a wide variety of skills, having worked in all kinds of projects, from games to software, indie to enterprise. His most notable work is where both interests collided to form OpenXcom, an open-source remake of an old strategy game.

Now his interests collide again as he joins Lord of Rigel to help push it across the finish line.


Trym Kristiansen - Programmer

Tuxinet got interested in programming through his father at an early age. At the age of 13 he was introduced to Python and made his first game using Pygame. His programming include: Python, Java, Objective C and C#. Most of his experience in these languages has been focused on producing games.

In his spare time Tuxinet enjoys playing in a local orchestra, video games, music, and spending time with friends.


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